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Recognizing the transformation trend and the need of bigger food varieties in the developing markets in East Europe & Middle East and North Africa region, high growth rates and per capita consumption ‘Midway Middle East’ was established in Dubai – to introduce conventional & organic, gluten-free, vegan and non GMO food in different categories.

Penetrating and reaching new markets in EE & MENA region, through providing exceptional services to the manufacturers to ensure mutual business success over the long term by building their brands;
We leverage our experience, knowledge, and expertise in the markets we cover, through our understanding of the RETAILER, SHOPPER and CONSUMER offering Yummy foods where the East and the West meet together.

Empower consumers to make healthier food choices by consuming products on a whole new scale.


‘Midway Middle East’ is sourcing the products directly from the manufacturers and working on exclusivity bases per territory.

We are proud in taking responsibility to build the brands, develop their marketing support and promote the brands in the selected territories.

We are proud to say that we are an exclusive importer and that we can distribute or appoint the distributors per territory.

‘Midway Middle East’ provides relevant shopper and consumer insights to better understand the ways shoppers shop different categories.

It is our aim is to build partnership relation with all the retailers in the Middle East region and support the distributors.

Our approach is a category management to navigate the shopper across the categories and provide better shopping experience for them.

Management Team


Katarina Gjosheva Cheshlarov

Founder & Managing Partner

I am a competitor at heart. While my 17 years experience working for two global corporations in the food industry, the three most important things I’ve learned is how to race, run a marathon and play chess.Racing is about quick wins, marathon is about long term consistent achievements and in chess you realize that moving first isn’t always an advantage.

This applies for all the awesome brands we represent. Being part of a new wave where you have opportunity to build health awareness and contribute to wellbeing of others is super exciting. I have been living and working in the Middle East region for 10 years and the acceptance of new trends is high. It is our mission and responsibility to deliver great quality products to our customers and consumers.

Contact me: [email protected]


Dushko Chifliganec

Director Business Development & Partner

I am not sure if I am a businessman who plays sport, or a sportsman who does business.

In addition, I am originally European and before moving to Dubai, I spent significant time in North-Eastern USA, region where people believe it is very important to possess the right nutrition habits.

Thus, at a young age, I realized that having healthy diet is crucial for people’s physical as well as emotional well-being.

I am sure we will contribute greatly to our common mission, which is creating a happier and healthier society for everyone.

Contact me: [email protected]


Audrey Guardia

Director Logistic & Operations

I’ve been working in the Middle East Region for more than 15 years. I believe Nutrition plays a key role in human health and wellbeing.

This is true through-out the life-cycle: starting from conception to adult stage.

Our mission is to develop an efficient operational model that will sustain customer satisfaction.

Do it Fast, Do it Right, Do it on Time!

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Zina Al Kafadji

Director Marketing & Trade Marketing

With my 10 years experience in Trade Marketing and Marketing in the FMCG sector in Europe and Middle East I have been following the healthy food trends all around the world.

Middle East market is an exciting challenge, as we can educate and create healthy habits of the consumers by providing them the best, most healthy, yet tasty and fun, food, drinks and snacks.

Healthy is a lifestyle! And we bring healthy on a whole new scale!

Contact me: [email protected]