Freche Freunde

Freche Freunde is great for kids who’s mission is having fun and tasting great with a huge family of fruit and vegs.

They create yummy children’s snacks that are ideal for taking out and about and eating on-the-go.Freche Freunde love to have fun and especially like helping children make friends with fruit and veg. How? By combining fun packaging and shapes with healthy ingredients! And abracadabra… Charlie Corn hooks up with Carl Carrot to make crunchy puffs. Meanwhile Suzie Strawberry is transformed into crunchy healthy fruit snacks and the rest of the Freche Freunde crew get together to make delicious squeezy fruit pouches.

Freche Freunde are organic too and you won’t find any artificial colourings, preservatives or added sugar in any of their products – naturally! They offer a choice of snacks with children’s health at their heart.

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