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How Gut Health Affects Your Sleep?

Millions of people around the world suffer from sleep-related disorders. There are many remedies that offer relief for these conditions, but what is generally missed in the wider public – is the fact how much our gut health is related to the oh-so-desired good night’s sleep. Sleep-gut connection? Tell me more! It may sound incredible, but your gut does a

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10 Tips On How To Cut Added Sugar From Your Diet

The summer is a time of the year of elevated spirits in which we tend to let loose our dietary discipline and fall prey to the sweet tooth. But how can we reduce that mound of added sugar while still being relatively free to enjoy a cookie or two? Cutting excessive carbohydrates from your diet can have many positive effects

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How Probiotics Help Your Digestion?

The internet is full of buzz about probiotics these days. The market demand for probiotics is rapidly expanding, which means that probiotics can be found in many food products and supplements. But one crucial question remains, what are probiotics and how do they improve our digestion and by extent, health? Understanding probiotics Our gut contains the same number of bacteria(gut

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5 Healthy Tips That Will Help You Deal with the Summer Heat

The summer is right around the corner and we can all feel its heat! But, before we get too excited about the sea and the beach, we should know the hidden and not-so hidden dangers of the hottest season. This is especially important for the people who observe Ramadan fasting. Hydrate a lot! During the hot summer months our bodies

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What Does BPA-free Mean and How Does it Affect my Life?

If you are a young parent or planning to be, you’ve probably heard about BPA and the health concerns surrounding it. However, many people aren’t aware of what BPA is and how it affects our everyday lives. Today, we tackle some issues concerning BPA and its effects, especially in infants. What is BPA? Bisphenol – A is a synthetic organic

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Outstanding Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet

We can all agree on the fact that raw food diets are becoming more popular every day as people are changing their eating habits on the healthy side. However, a genuine question remains, what are the benefits of a raw food diet? Raw food diet isn’t just a diet! The paradigm behind raw food diets consists of preparing and eating

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7 Amazing Facts About Quinoa You Might Not Know About

Quinoa as a plant has been cultivated since the days of the Inca Empire. Its seeds possess great nutritional properties relative to their mass earning it the epithet of a “superfood”. Today, we present you with 7 Amazing facts about this amazing plant that you might not be aware of. 1. Contrary to popular belief, Quinoa isn’t a cereal! Yes

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Why Healthy Snacking Is Great For Your Workout Diet

We can all agree on one thing. To achieve the best gains from our workout, a balanced nutrition is absolutely critical! To understand why, we first have to know what happens with our bodies when we subject it to the high physical strain of an intensive workout! What happens to the body during an intensive workout? No matter the goal,

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5 Ways to Live an Organic Lifestyle

Organic living is a lifestyle in a way that is healthy for you and the environment. The term “organic” has several definitions, and many people are still confused by it. As for foods, organic means foodstuff that did not go through fertilization and pesticides. As for living, organic simply means a healthy lifestyle, much as the foods that are not