Eucalyptus Honey (230gr.) by Bioitalia

Eucalyptus Honey (230gr.) by Bioitalia

Bioitalia organic honey stems only from Italian beekeepings. Italy offers a large quantity of plants and cultures, and also a dry climate that let the honey mature in an optimal way. The Eucalyptus is a typical sea coast tree. It is resistant to salt and wind. Eucalyptus blooms in July. Honey has a crystallized aspect with a pasty consistency. The color is beige with grey and light brown shadings. The intense smell looks like Helychrysum Italicum. It has an intense flavor like a milk caramel or sweet tobacco.





Ingredients: Eucalyptus Honey.
Usage: it’s for connoisseurs, appreciated by who likes its particular taste. Because it derives from a plant with essential aromatic oils, this honey is perfect for hot milk, tisanes, particular sauces and it’s very good for bitter-sweet preparations.