Vita 7 Juice Classic (250ml.) by Biotta

Vita 7 Juice Classic (250ml.) by Biotta

Vita 7 is pure indulgence. This classic Biotta juice has now been around for more than 20 years. The secret of its success? – Best raw ingredients in organic quality, processed gently and combined into a special blend of fruits, vegetables and whey. Resulting in a juice which is adored by young and old alike. Whether for breakfast or in-between – Biotta Vita 7 is perfect for all occasions. Vita 7 is a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps combat fatigue and tiredness.







Ingredients: organic orange juice, organic carrot juice, organic banana purée, organic apple juice, organic pineapple juice, organic whey, organic grape juice, organic sea buckthorn purée, organic beetroot, organic lemon juice and organic lemon juice concentrate.
Allergy information: contains lactose