What Is A Superfood Smoothie And How Does It Work?

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What Is A Superfood Smoothie And How Does It Work?

Feeling drowsy in the morning? Have you ever woken up with heavy head, wondering how you could possibly function throughout the day?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Due to our highly dynamic way of life, disrupted eating and sleeping habits, our bodies as resilient as they might be, struggle to cope with the stress.

The effects of such prolonged exposure to stress often manifest in headaches, bad mood, muscle weakness and low energy. This is where the wonderful magic of a home-prepared superfood smoothie can literally help you soar like a phoenix and start your day on a high note! Think of superfood smoothies as glasses full of nutrient-supercharged fuel that helps our bodies reach that optimal chemical balance and be at our best throughout the day. Superfoods themselves, are foods which are exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and possess overall high nutritional values relative to their size.

As we all know,

thermal processing destroys many of the beneficial nutrients in the food, it is of vital importance to prepare your superfood shakes/smoothies so the nutrients from its ingredients are wholly preserved for consumption.

A raw, delicious smoothie will also in detoxing your body and help you get back on track of that happy and healthy lifestyle you deserve.

So, how does your normal smoothie becomes a nutrient bombs of liquid health? Simply by adding one of these superfoods.

Chia Seeds

Adding just 2 tablespoons of chia seeds will make your sweet yoghurt banana smoothie into a nutritional explosion.chia-smoothie

Exceptionally rich in vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3 as well as Riboflavin, Manganese, Magnesium and Iron, which are essential for proper muscle function and refresh you in the morning.

This smoothie can also be taken as a pre-workout supplement.

Acai Berries

These berries are one of the richest foods in antioxidants found in nature. acai-superfood-smoothe

​These nutrient powerhouses that which taste like a mix between raspberries and blackberries with slightly bitter aftertaste will not only enrich the taste your sweet Greek-yoghurt and strawberry smoothie but will also help detox your body and bind all of those free floating radicals that can cause serious health issues.

A smoothie empowered with Acai Berries is perfect for morning detox smoothie.

Continue with,


This is one of the hot ones.spirulina-smoothie

The specific taste of Spirulina makes it hard for some people to get used to. This one of the few superfoods that come from sea plants and coupled with some strong-tasting organic fruits like lemons, oranges, bananas and leafy-greens it would make one of the healthiest, freshest liquid green meals you’ve ever had.

This smoothie will help purify and protect your body by binding heavy metals (like arsenic), lower cholesterol as well as providing it with significant energy boost.


Reishi Mushrooms

This type of medicinal fungus is known in Asia as “mushroom of immortality” and is known for its healing properties.

Adding 2 tablespoons reishi powder in your favorite smoothie will protect you against premature aging of the skin, promote proper and improved function of the liver and the energy boost will battle the effects of fatigue.

It also acts as an agent that normalizes the function of the digestive tract, promoting better resorption of nutrients from your diet.

Finishing with,


These green single-cell algae are a true protein powerhouse low in carbohydrates.


​Just add ½ a table spoon of chlorella powder to your favorite green lime/lemon smoothie to enhance your immune system and give your muscles the nutrients needed for an intensive workout.

Furthermore it also helps in detoxification of the body from harmful chemicals and is an exceptional source of potassium, manganese and B-vitamins.

In the end, a superfood smoothie..

promotes weight loss and rids the body from the harmful chemicals that build up in our bodies as byproducts from our metabolic processes.

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