Superfruits Juice Classic (500 ml.) by Biotta

Superfruits Juice Classic (500 ml.) by Biotta

Biotta Superfruits unites all the major – and naturally all the tastiest – berries in one juice. It’s complemented by the archetypal black carrot. Violet-black in colour, this carrot is prized above all for its sweet flavour and juiciness. Reason enough for us to mix this archetypal vegetable with our superfruits juice, giving the juice its very special flavour. At the same time, an old vegetable variety is being rescued from the realms of oblivion, and cultivated once again. That’s one of our heart-felt concerns.





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Product Description

Ingredients: red organic grape juice, organic aronia juice, organic strawberry pulp, organic apple juice, black organic carrot juice, organic bilberries, organic blackcurrant and organic lemon juice.